DataProcessor Issues

I’ve been using dhtmlx for a few years and have just started to develop a new app so decided to download DHTMLX Suite v4.
However, I’ve got stuck with dhtmlxgrid and dataprocessor. It would appear that v4 only ever POSTs the data, regardless of the setTransactionMode setting. I really need it to GET due to my server processing.

Has anyone else come across this? Or have any ideas?

In addition to this, dataprocessor also seems to be prefixing all my fields with the row ID, even though I set sending all at once to false.

Thanks in advance


I have the same problem of yours.

I am also interested in solve that…

Any notices about that issue?

Move mode customization code after dp.init command, it will resolve issue.

We will fix the problem in the next build, so command will work without relation to the initialization order.