Dataprocessor Json responses


I’m facing an issue with dataprocessor json response it should returns.

Context is an MVC4 C# .NET application using Dhtmlx form and grid for hmi edition purpose.
I have a dataprocessor attached to a grid which is configured like that (all data at once)

// set some option on dataprocessor dp.setTransactionMode("POST", true); dp.enableDataNames(true); dp.setUpdateMode("off");
if I modify 3 different lines, they turn bold thanks to an onRowMark attachEvent:

dataprocessor.attachEvent("onRowMark", function (id, state, mode) { if (state && mode == "updated") { grid.forEachCell(id, function (obj) { if (obj.wasChanged()) = "bold"; }); return 0; } return true; });
When I send data manually, the server side treat all data modified, store them in database and answer : {“status”:“ok”}
but in client browser, only the first line turn back not bold.
While putting a breakpoint on first line of the callback of onRowMark, the breakpoint is reached only once with id = 1.

I have read several times the documentation and I am still confused with response I have to send back to the component.

PS: Dhtmlx Suite is owned by my customer but I’m waiting the administrator to send me customer id.

When server side process multiple object at once, it must return confirmaton for each one.

Something like next

<data> <action type='update' sid='205' tid='205'/> <action type='update' sid='206' tid='206'/> <action type='update' sid='207' tid='207'/> </data>

Unfortunately, currently there is no JSON alternative for the above syntax.
We will try to improve this behavior in the next update.

ok !
beginning to get me crazy …
thank you for your answer :nerd: