dataprocessor not always triggering an update

I’m relatively new to xGrid, but have implemented a grid that works fine sometimes, and others a change to a combo box does not trigger an update. One of the combo boxes is being populated by a query to a database and the other is being generated via code on the page.

The update works very inconsistently and sometimes a row will update and other times it won’t.
Can anybody provide any ideas?

I should add, I’m using IE 7

Try to use debug mode of DataProcessor and check which request sends to the server side … bug_mode&s[]=dataprocessor&s[]=debug

I got the debug working, and it shows that it is sending the change. But sometimes I see it work in the database and sometimes it is not updating the database. In the debug window it always looks like it it sending and I get no errors.

Here is the code for my grid, I don’t know if this will help or not.

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('mygrid_container'); mygrid.setImagePath("codebase/imgs/"); mygrid.setHeader("Test ID,Release,Rally Story, Tester,Test Case Description, Status, Category, Sub Category, Bug, Notes"); mygrid.attachHeader("#text_filter,#select_filter,#text_filter,#select_filter,#text_filter,#select_filter,#select_filter,#select_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter"); mygrid.setInitWidths("50,60,50,80,*,70,100, 100,50, 100"); mygrid.setColAlign("center,center,left,left,left,left,left,left,left, left"); mygrid.enableLightMouseNavigation(true); mygrid.enableMultiline(true); mygrid.setSkin("light"); var comboTester = mygrid.getCombo(3); // index of the column to get combo object for <?php $sqlTesters = "SELECT tester FROM testers order by tester asc"; $res = mysql_query ($sqlTesters); if($res){ while($row=mysql_fetch_array($res)){ print 'comboTester.put("'.$row['tester'].'","'.$row['tester'].'");'; } } Else{ //error occurs echo mysql_errno().": ".mysql_error()." at ".__LINE__." line in ".__FILE__." file
"; } ?>

var comboStatus = mygrid.getCombo(5); // index of the column to get combo object for
comboStatus.put(“No Run”,“No Run”);


myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“updateTestStatus.php”);
myDataProcessor.setDataColumns([false, false, false, true, false, true, false, false, true, true]);

Code, which you are using on client side, looks correctly and must not cause any problems on its own.

If you are using custom server side code for data saving - it may be caused by some errors in it.
If you are using connectors on server side - you can enable server side logging to get more info.