dataProcessor null parameters on grid change

Anyone have an idea to why im receiving null parameters when the grid has been updated?

Be sure that you are using dataprocessor.js and grid.js from the same version.
If you are using old dataprocessor.js with new grid.js or visa-verse - such issue can occur.

Thanks so much for your input. i really appreciate it.

Parameters now come through if i have no ID specified in render_table but the table doesnt update in the database(See pic below). I have tables in which some have an ID and some do not. I’ve read about a KeyGridConnector, which should be used if you have no ID but i still get the same results as the GridConnector.

	KeyGridConnector c = new KeyGridConnector(conn, DBType.Oracle);
	c.servlet(req, res);

The Above code gives me a blank table grid and a blank alert popup.

KeyGridConnector can be used if you have a editable ID, which is shown as separate column and, optionally, can be changed on client side.

It is not possible to sync data back to DB if you have not ids at all.