Dataprocessor passes the wrong format date in the data

I have a dataprocessor connected to the gantt. But even though I changed the date_format in the config to “%d/%m/%Y” yet Im getting in the data processor the start_date of the task in the format of: “13-12-2020 12:05”

I tested it by putting a debugger in the dataprocessor like so:

In the time of the debugger, I checked what the config date is and its “%d/%m/%Y” but the ‘data.start_date’ which I get from the data processor is “13-12-2020 12:05”:


I did try to reproduce, but could not: DHTMLX Snippets

any help will be appreciated

Hello Refael,
That can happen if you have gantt.config.xml_date:
It is a deprecated parameter, but when specified, it takes a higher priority over the gantt.config.date_format parameter. It works that way for compatibility reasons, though, someday, it will be removed:

Thanks for the response Ramil, but I dont have xml_date configured anywhere, and anywhere in the project for that matter. The date is still not formatted correctly in the data processor.

Hello Refael,
Unfortunately, it is hard to suggest what else might be wrong.

If you cannot reproduce the issue in the snippet, you can send me a ready demo so that I can reproduce the issue locally.