DataProcessor slow when deleting lots of rows

I’m using the dataprocessor to update the database for a table. But I find that when I try to save the deleting of many rows (around 1000), it either crashes Firefox or takes more than a minute to trigger the onAfterUpdateFinish event, even though according to Firebug, the ajax page finishes loading in a few seconds. I’m sending all the rows at once using the sendData method. Is there a way that I can make this usable?

Grid will delete rows one by one, repainting itself after each operation which can result in a really long processing.

You can try to

a) include ext/dhtmlxgrid_fast.js
b) call
before sendData
c) call
from onAfterUpdateFinish

There’s a problem if I do that, though. If I add a row, submit the data, and then delete it and submit the data, it won’t register the deletion. The row will disappear from the grid before I submit the data (instead of just being crossed out until submission), and the data will still be in the database and will reappear when I refresh the page. Is there a way to fix that?

In moment from startFastOperations and until stopFastOperations - grid will work in simplified mode , and will not recognize deleting|adding actions correctly.

But after stopFastOperations call it must return to normal mode.

Check your code - startFastOperations must be called only once, and after response receiving there must be related stopFastOperations call