DataProcessor to update the XML file itself

Hi, I am using the free edition of dhtmx and I am using an XML datasource - no database.

I have to provide a data grid to display and update the XML file. Is it possible to do this via a dataprocessor?

On update, can i send the xpath for each row to the server side php and on add_row/update_row/delete_row I have to use this xpath to update the xml.

I am not sure how to get the xpath value for each row.

mygrid._process_custom_xml_row=function(r, xml){

var forms = this.xmlLoader.doXPath(".", xml)[0];

var strAr = [





//something like forms.getXPath() and make it as a hidden column ??


Unfortunately dhtmlxDataProcessor hasn’t such functionality. You can serialize grid to xml or use form integration extension. But this functionalities are available in PRO version only.