Dataprocessor undefined error in scheduler node and laravel project


i am referring below github urls to setup project using laravel and node but getting dataProcessor undefined error

error screenshot is below

Can you please help here?please give the updated github urls if you can where the error is resolved.



please replace new dataProcessor with scheduler.createDataProcessor.

It’s one of the breaking changes in dhtmlxScheduler v6.0, here is the detailed description:

We’ve just updated both repositories, the latest code should be compatible with dhtmlxScheduler 6.0


Thanks for the reply. it seems error is resolved. but still getting error creating task in scheduler
undefined is being passed while creating task.

also same error in recurring event along with additional error
GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)
please let us know if this can be resolved


The issue is fixed. i have integrated from the PRO version.