Dataprocessor update problem

attachEvent("onEditCell", function(stage,rId,cInd,nValue,oValue) { if (cInd==3 && stage==2 && nValue!='') { var loader = dhtmlxAjax.getSync('geocoder.php?address='+nValue+'&rand='+Math.random()*99); json = loader.xmlDoc.responseText; if (json.length) { geocode = eval("("+json+")"); if (geocode.status =="ZERO_RESULTS") { alert('Coordinate non trovate per '+nValue); } else { lat = geocode.results[0]; long = geocode.results[0].geometry.location.lng; cells(rId, 4).setValue(lat); cells(rId, 5).setValue(long); dp.setUpdated(rId,true); dp.sendData(); } } return true; } });

Hi, we have a problem in updating value of rows with grid and dataprocessor.
After we update cell 3, a new value of cell 4 and 5 is calculated.
Cell 3 gets saved correclty to database, we can’t trigger cell 4 and 5 update.

Best regards,

ARKA snc

If you using “partial data sending”, you need to alter your code as

            cells(rId, 4).setValue(lat);
            cells(rId, 4).cell.wasChanged = true;//added
            cells(rId, 5).setValue(long);
            cells(rId, 5).cell.wasChanged = true;//added

It didn’t look so obvious, thanks for your support.