DataProcessor vars not being received on server

I have the following code for a grid and dataprocessor:

tscSpecGrid = tscTab.cells("a2").attachGrid();

var url=String("custom/myscript.asp?function=getdata&id="+id);

var url2=String("custom/TSCEntity.asp?function=setspec");    
var tscSpecDP = new dataProcessor(url2);

The grid is populating correctly and the DataProcessor debugger indicates that update events are firing and passing parameters to the script I’ve defined. The debugger also shows my response code from the server. I am using PerlScript on the server so its using my own server-side connector.

On the server I am dumping ALL incoming parms and none of the parms from DataProcessor are showing in the list. The IIS logs also show that the parms are not in the URL call being logged. I’ve tried enabling UTF encoding but no change.

Any help?

By default parameters sent through POST.
If you need to have them directly in the URL , you can add the next line