DataProcessor with setUpdateMode("off") sending only tasks or links not both


I’m trying to use DataProcessor with my Gantt chart with setUpdateMode(“off”) setting (I want to send all the updates once user hits ‘Save’ button).

    var dp = new gantt.dataProcessor(url);

However I encountered one problem. When I update 3 tasks and then create 1 link, only one request (for link creation) is sent (using dp.sendData()). If I do it in reverse order - first create link and then update 3 tasks - then 3 requests (for modification of 3 tasks) are sent, but not for the link creation.

So my question is - is this a standard behaviour of the dataProcessor? is there some way how to get around this and send all updates (including tasks and links) at once?

Thank you very much


Thank you for informing about the issue. Looks like it is a bug. I added it to our internal tracker. The dev team will fix it in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.

I have the following example with the custom routing where the data is saved in an object with arrays, and you can manually send that data via custom methods:

Hi Ramil,

thank you for your answer. That was exactly my intention, before I started this topic - to use a custom router to collect the updates and send them later manually. I just wanted to be sure, there is no other way…

Thank you



I found an alternative solution from a 2014 topic that seems to work fine.
It came from this topic Dataprocessor + Gantt -> Save on demand from a @Stanislav answer

You can do this to send to your server side tasks and links in 2 requests

Hope it helps

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The dev team fixed the bug with the Data Processor. Now it sends the updates from all data stores even when the auto update mode is disabled:

You can check how it works in the following snippet: