Datastore with Dataview & Grid

I have used the Datastore in my project to load the data from server with Smart Rendering.

I have the following scenario.
I have Datastore loaded from server. Grid sync with Datastore with Smart Rendering. Form bind with Grid. I am attaching the DataView also. Is there is any way to bind DataView also with existing DataStore? or is it possible to create a new DataStore bind with existing DataStore to load data to DataView?.

Actually all described scenarios is possible.
You can bind dataview to the same datastore as grid, and show all items from it, all some subset, based on selection in grid. Or you can have separate datastore, independent or linked to the selected item in the grid.

Please provide some more details about character of data in dataview, because it is not clear how it must work in your case.

The data is about the info of movies. For example the db contains title,year,runtime… of hundreds of movies . I am fetching and editing the data via Form by selecting from grid via datastore. The same datastore can be used in dataview also?.

   movie_ds = new dhtmlXDataStore({
        url:"_include/getXML.php?xml=getMovies&source=" + dir,

The grid has been configured for SmartRendering. So, after loading of DB, when I click the data in Grid, it will be populated in form and after I edit, and submit, it calls a Dataprocessor and everything works fine.

I need additional dataview which shows some specific columns from Grid. For example, poster image, title & year. I can able to sync to the same datastore. But the problem is, the datastore configured with Grid with Smart Rendering, so after some set of items, I can’t view in Dataview and I got ‘$template’ undefined error.

The same datastore can be used in dataview also?.
Yep, you can use


multiple components can be synced to the single datastore ( changes in store will be reflected in all attached components )

I can’t view in Dataview and I got ‘$template’ undefined error.
Problem confirmed, updated datastore.js is attached (87 KB)

Thank you.
One more issue with datastore/connector. If the grid loaded with Dynamic data using Smart Render, If there is a filter in the header, the request sent to server is good with posStart & count and on the server side, I have modified the php to return the proper output. On the grid also, I can able to see the results on the grid, but additionally the remaining rows excluding the results got appended on the grid. Is that the normal behavior?. For example, If the db contains, Project A, 300, 305, Project A II,… and If I search ‘Proj’ It returns ‘Project A’ & Project A II’ on the top and the remaining 2 on bottom.
When I look the javascript console, I found the request sent to server via Smart Render doesn’t contain the dhx_filter[x] argument.

When grid is loaded through datastore - server side filters will not work.