DataView Alternative


As DataView width is not dynamically settable, what alternatives would you suggest ?

Realise that custom coding a component is a possibility but then I kindof lose the convenience of the data adaptor and server side component…

Really I just want a list of ‘areas’ that can contain html. Is grid an option for rows with cusotm html in the cells ?

Thanks in advance,

You can try to count width and set it “on fly” the next way:

var newWidth = custom_width_count_function myDataView.define("type",{width:newWidth });

Thanks very much for that but I’m now confused - recently I was told that the width is not settable ‘on-the-fly’ but the above states that it is.

If I’m going mad, please let me know :blush:


Yes, there is no method like setWidth() or something like this.
But method define() restructs the dataview, not only changes width

Thanks for that.

What is the inference of this ?

The dataview is redrawn and re-populated (i.e. re-request data from Data Adapter) ?


Dataview is redrawn and applies new width. Data are not loaded.