Dataview and Big Data Set? Smartloading?

I would like to use the DataView and I wonder if a smart loading mode is available for big data sets?

I thank you for your answer.

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Miguel Ange Martin

Yes, Smart loading (dynamic loading) is supported in Dataview.
Below are some samples on its usage:

It seems to work very well (my dataset had 30,000 entries)
However i had some problems getting it to work (see my post below from couple days ago. Awaiting response from DHTMLX team)

If you are using rener_sql function to load the data in dataview, it seems to work as long as you are querying data from one table

$data = new DataViewConnector($conn);
$data->render_sql("Select * from $t1","id","value");

If you are running complex queries, involving multiple tables, it did NOT work for me and all data was loaded. May be DHTMLX Team can shed light on this too hopefully with an example.

Thank you for the answer.