Dataview and editor


I’m trying to create a dataview which holds a little title in each item and underneath that title there should be an editable textarea. Now it’s just a small field but preferably it should be a dhtmlxeditor.
Also the title dissappears when editing the Commentfield and reappears after editing, is it possible to keep it also visible while editing?

In another post you refer to samples/08_integration/03_editor.html but I’ve looked in the package (2.6 licensed version) and on this site and I can’t seem to find 08_integration.
The samples end at 07_dhtmlxfolders.

Do you have the sample mentioned before?

below is the code for the template (supw1 is a dhtmlxwindow)

supplierCommentView=supw1.attachDataView({ container:"data_container1", edit:true, type:{ template:"<b>#Supplier#</b><br><br>#Comment#", template_edit:"<input class='dhx_item_editor' bind='obj.Comment'>", template_loading:"Loading...", height:100, width:200 } });

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Missed samples are attached, beware that most of them relays on other components.

is it possible to keep it also visible
You can use any properties of item in the edit template, same as in the normal one

template:"<b>#Supplier#</b><br><br>#Comment#", template_edit:"<b>#Supplier#</b><br><input class='dhx_item_editor' bind='obj.Comment'>", (5.42 KB)

Thank you for the quick and complete response, it is very much appreciated!