DataView Beta: MouseOver changing that item's CSS?

Realise this is in beta… just wondering if the following is possible:

I have the dataview working ok… the paging is a little buggy, but I read that was already a known item… I have attached an event as follows:

data.attachEvent("onMouseMove", function (id, ev, html) {; //alert(id); return; });

So, I read about the customise function as I wanted to change the template item css slightly to show you are moving over that item, so I could try:

dataview.customise({css: ‘this_css’});

but no good… so obviously I am missing the correct construction of that customise statement?

Any help would be gratefully received!!

customize will alter whole view, if you need to change only item under cursor it can be done as

data = new dhtmlXDataView({ container:"data_container", type:{ template:"<div class='#css#'>#Package# : #Version#<br/>#Maintainer#</div>",

var last = null; function mark(id){ unmark(); data.get(id).css = "alter_one"; data.refresh(id); last = id; } function unmark(){ if (last){ data.get(last).css = ""; data.refresh(last); last = null; } } data.attachEvent("onMouseMove", mark); data.attachEvent("onMouseOut", unmark);

Inside template you can define custom css property and switch it from related events.

Perfect! thank you for your reply… works well. Just what I was after.