Dataview - Data and Editing Issues


  1. I have a field called ‘updated-at’ I’m receiving as xml after a call to load(url) but I cannot seem to specify this field in my template… I’m guessing the dash (‘-’) is causing problems… How can I specify this field in the template?

  2. I need the editor to be a textarea and be able to customize it’s width/height. I’ve been playing with the stylesheet and dataview source code but not having much luck. Can you send me an example of how to do this. Thanks.

property names limited to a-zA-Z_ other chars will cause a problem
anyway, you can workaround issue, by using something like next

template:"{common.my_prop()} : #Version#<br/>#Maintainer#", height:40, my_prop:function(obj){ return obj["updated-at"] }

check samples/08_integration/03_editor.html - it shows how external edit area can be used.
( you can use any other editor, instead of dhtmlXEditor in a similar way )