DataView DnD - Highlighting Other Page Elements


Got an issue. I want to drag and Drop between 2 data views. Pretty straightforward. For that I have used one of the samples: dhtmlx/samples/dhtmlxDataView/06_dataprocessor/01_adding.html.

Functionality works fine (drags and drops and updates the DB). As I will have other component(s) between the two DataViews, there is an issue on dragging over other elements - they also get highlighted (as if I were ‘selecting’ the elements of the page) - per screenshot.

Is there a way around this ? Thanks in advance for any and all assistance,


You can switch off test selection via CSS


Thanks for the swift response.

Just to be clear - I am talking about the blue highlighting of other page elements and not the yellow ‘positioning’ highlighting of dataview elements.

If still all good, could you please expand a little on what you mean by ‘switch off test selection via css’ ? Where would I find this, have been unable to locate it as yet…

Thanks in advance,


Ok. In thios case: how exactly can we reproduce this behaviour? Please, provide step-by-step guide of reproduction