Dataview Drag on Mobile DHTMLX 4.12

I have question. I have two dataviews set up side by side with names on the left and blank on the right. I need to drag items from the left dataview into the one on the right. This works, and has always worked, on the desktop, however I just upgraded to 4.12 with mobile support and this does not seem to be supported.

When I click on the name, it does not select the dataview “card”, it pulls up the highlight option on my iPhone. When I try to drag something from the left to the right it scrolls.

Any advice?

  • Brant


Unfortunately, Dataview does not support drag-n-drop on touch devices.

As the possible solution you can put a button “>>” between the dataviews that will move selected items from the left view to the right one.

Also you can consider alternative solution - migration to Webix library ( Dataview of Webix supports drag-n-drop on touch (but scrolling won’t work in this case).

Thank you. I added a onClick option that pops up a confirmation. It will solve the problem in the short term.