DataView - Dynamic loading - Load page at scroll position

I am want to create a DataView to display images. I may have 100s of images to display. I want to use dynamic loading so that my application only loads the images that are at the current scroll location of my DataView. If I scroll rapidly, I only want the images that are at the stop scroll position to load.

I am looking at your example applications. … ading.html

I see that posStart parameter appears to be set to the current scroll location and passes a count to only get X number of items. This appears to be work like “paging” so that if I scroll from top to bottom rapidly in my DataView, only the “page” where I stop my scrolling is downloaded and displayed. This is exactly the functionality I want. Am I correct in my analysis?

It is very important to my application that I load as few images as possible. I just want to make sure I am correct. Please let me know.


Am I correct in my analysis?
Yes, you are right.
Dynamical loading will request only visible set of data, and will not request not visible items above and below of current set.

Is it possible to configure the DataView to download the complete list of items on initialization? Then perform the paging logic within the javascript.

If want all item to be loaded, you should not use dynamic loading. Your server side should return all items at once.