dataview error

As soon as i include js file:

Dreamweaver stops working? i’ve downloaded the latest version, still same problem.

Try to use the non-compressed version from sources folder.
There was similar reports previously, that DreamWeaver doesn’t like compressed js libraries.

still doesnt work… (when i open the page in IE/FF it also doesnt work…)

Not quite sure, but problem can be caused by loading directly from filesystem.
Do you have http mapping configured in dreamweaver ?

no, when i open the file without http mapping it still doesnt work…
when i open the samples, without editing them, they also dont work.
(dreamweaver stops working, and it doesnt work in IE (no error)…

We will try to reconstruct issue locally but so far all works correctly.
Its pretty strange, because js lib works only in browser and must not affect editor program, such as DreamWeaver in any way

i tried it on more then 1 PC, everytime dreamweaver stops working, is there any solution for this?

We’ve also seen the Dreamweaver crashing issue with the chart.js file, both with the source code and the compressed codebase version. In addition our .html files that call the chart.js crashed unless the tag was commented out. (Using CS4, current updates Dreamweaver) After spending a fair amount of time commenting out chunks of chart.js code to isolate the error (& not succeeding) out of desperation I downloaded the Dreamweaver CS5 trial. It all works just fine. So off to upgrade our Design Premium suite… Whatever the bug was in Dreamweaver CS4 seems to be resolved in CS5