Dataview HTML template for Fusioncharts: Render/Disapear

Hi all,

…have 2 small issues maybe someone knows the solution, using DHTMLX Professional 4.2. Baseline is straight an easy dataview/template (where “a” is a tabbar-cell):

var myDataView = a.attachDataView({
				template: "<div id='subgraphA#id#'>.</div>"

After load into the dataview of about 10-20 lines, I create charts for each DIV-ID using Fusioncharts. Working basically ok now, but there are 2 issues:

  1. Charts can only be created when the actual DIV is currently visible. If I have like 20 rows, I have to make each row visible to be able to render a chart into a DIV. Got this sorted by scrolling through with “.show(xx)” for each chart/line before creating chart, but not optimal

  2. Whenever the cursor is positioned on a data view cell/row, the chart in the cell disappears.

By any chance anyone having any thoughts ? Would be very much appreciated,

thanks a lot,