DataView Paging


i´ve successful implemented DataView with Paging support.

But, the Paging-Div is only either on the top or the bottom. Is there a possibility to have two Pageing-Areas - one at the top and on at the bottom of the DataView Area?

Is there also a possibility to align the Paging Button to the right (and not as default to the left)??

Hope somebody can help me.



there can not be two pagers. However, you may create one with dublicated items.
The approach of using custom pading template is described here: … ager_skins

So, there could be two containers on your page:

  1. grid container that is absolutely positioned
  2. pager container that is bigger than grid container. Grid container covers the pager container. But top and bottom parts of the pager container are visible. And in these visible areas you need to place pager controls.

I’ve attached the demo. (20.8 KB)