Dataview select question

We are attempting to use your dataview feature but we are experiencing some problems fitting the behavior with our requirements. Is there any way possible to have selection toggle onclick? Currently if you click on an item it is selected but we need to have it select and unselect if possible.

In addition it would be ideal to have that work for multiple items as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You juse need to set
select: “multiselect” … onstructor
It will work with Ctrl and Shift keys linke native Windows behaviour.

Ot you need to use this selection like checkbox behaviour?

We are looking for checkbox like behavior with multiselect if that is possible.

In this case there is no native approach. But we cen suggest you to try grid. There can be the same data, but in column location. Pluse there is a possibility to use checkboxes. … _grid.html

Oh, found solution!
You need to switch off selection mode in init:

select: false,

And set the next event handler:

data.attachEvent("onItemClick",function(id,event){ if(this.isSelected(id)){ this.unselect(id); } else{,true,false); } })
Selection mst work as checkbox