DataViewConnector issues

I am trying to do some basic database connections to a dataview object…

I imported the demo sql and created the apprp

<?php require_once("dataview_connector.php"); $conn = mysql_connect("localhost","tcgauser",REMOVED"); mysql_select_db("HISTO_VIEWER_DATA"); $data = new DataViewConnector($conn,"MySQL"); //table name, ID, list of properties $data->render_table("SLIDE_TILE_AND_THUMBNAIL_INFO","SERIES_ID_KEY","SLIDE_ID_TAG,SOURCE_FILE_NAME,PATIENT_ID"); ?>

And I keep getting the same goofy output: Object id is #8
I tried this with both my database… as well as an imported table (smallPackage) with similar results… from my brief perusings it seems likt this should output an XML-ified version of my MYSQL table… any help would be appreciated

Update php file in connector’s folder with the attached one
(problem occurs for old versions of php) (5.34 KB)