Date double click off

I want to off the double click on previous date like if today 28th Jan then previous date from 1 to 27th Jan Dobule click functionality off. Is it possible and how. Please give me an example.

Thanks in advance.

You can attach event handler to onBeforeEventChanged similar to

scheduler.attachEvent("onBeforeEventChanged", function(ev){ if (ev.start_date < new Date()) return false; return true; });

Hi, Stanislav
Thanks for your instance and positive replay. I tried your code and its work perfectly. I have one more question. I want to put a date picker(min. calender) instead of text box in End by date in light box. Please give me a solution.

Please find the attached image for more.

many many thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there is no simple solution, to achieve such effect.
We plan to update this part of functionality in next versions.