Date format not as documented

For some reason I am unable to use %g as a date format for hour_scale, as shown here:

It’s supposed to format the hour in 12 hour notation without the leading zero.

I end up having to use %h, but I’d really rather not have the leading zero.


we have modified libs for g support in time scale (185 KB)

This now adds in the %g format.

But now my custom detail form is messed up. My richselect is showing “Undefined” when the value is empty or the record is now. See screenshot.

Here’s my code snippet, too. This was working fine before this codebase.

				customfield = [{view:"richselect",		label:thevalue.replace (/_/g,' '),	id:thevalue, name:thevalue , options:[
					{value:" ", label:" "},
					{value:"Sit & Sale", label:"Sit & Sale"},
					{value:"Sit No Sale", label:"Sit No Sale"},
					{value:"Unqualified", label:"Unqualified"},
					{value:"Cancelled", label:"Cancelled"}

I have attached updated libs (185 KB)