Date from front-end is not returned properly to the serer

I successfully included your fantastic library in my project. Everything seems to be working except one thing. When I create an event, and click save, in my server side code event date and time is set to 1.1.1001. 00:00:00.

Please can someone help?

The screenshots are attached:

client-side uses MM/dd/YYYY format for dates by default. Seems like the system where the application is launched uses different culture settings and the server side can’t parse the dates that comes from the client.
There are several ways to fix it

  1. use the invariant culture for your application, e.g. … balization

  2. Set the date format for the client-side - use the format that matches the local culture settings … ate_format

  3. Use a DHXEventsHelper class instead of MVC Model Binder for creating an event instance … ml#helpers

i have just figure out this problem with my scheduler.
You need check and config file web.config, check culture and uiculture.

    <globalization culture="en-GB" uiCulture="en-GB"/>  //dateformat: dd/mm/yyyy

good luck to you