Date is not getting selected in calander whatever in text bo

I am using calendar with textbox and calender image(to open calander). When user clicks on calender image, calender opens and I can select date. That date goes to text box with selection.


But if date is there in textbox and I click on calander Image then calander is not coming with selected date what ever in testbox. It is always shows current date as default selected.

Please suggest how can we set calendar date selection as per textbox date while opening.

Which method do you use to show calendar?

In case of using hide() / show() this issue doesn’t occur: … _show.html

I want to change selected date in calendar. like

var objCalendar = $find(“ph_cal_tbdEntryDate_cal”);

 objCalendar.value(dd/mm/yyyy); // This is not working

There is setDate(date) method to select date in calendar.

Yes I have tried this method. But $find(“ph_cal_tbdEntryDate_cal”) object is not supportin this method. I can not use

‘new dhtmlxCalendarObject(“tbdEntryDate_tb”)’ because calander is already generated.

The calendar object is:

var calObj = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(“tbdEntryDate_tb”);

So, the setDate call is: