Date not displaying in a dhxCalendar column

I have a rather complex grid and am having a problem getting date data to display. I have added a portion of the code and a portion of the xml below. In row 1, I have dates in the xml. I have defined the whole row as dhxCalendar type. The calendar works fine and the dates are saved, but I can’t get the dates to display.

If you tell me how, I will upload the whole XML file (251 lines) and all of the code (309 lines) and a screen shot of the problem. To much to include here, I think.



bodyg = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘bodygrid’);








    bodyg.setStyle(“background: white;”, “background: white;”, “background: yellow;”, “background: lime;”)




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>











        Charged to Agency

        Paid by Employee


















        St Pete1


        Spring HIll4









        Personal Car

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one ( this is latest version, which has some minor date formating issues resolved )
If problem still occurs for you - please send any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed to

>>I have defined the whole row as dhxCalendar type
Not sure , how it was done in your case, but with setRowExcellType - the same XML works correclty locally. (13.7 KB)

Found the problem.  There apparently is a bug that makes the setRowExcellType function not work properly if one of the columns in the row is joined with another row.  For instance, I had …



so, since I had defined a column in row 0 to span 4 rows, that would effect row 1.  Then when I tried to set row 1 to the dhxCalendar type, it wouldn’t work.

I confirmed this was the problem by removing the row span and the row 1 calendar columns worked fine.  I then removed the setRowExcellType(1,“dhxCalendar”) and replaced it with several setCellExcellType and everything works great.  Just thought I would pass this along incase you wanted to fix the bug or to post the limitation so others aren’t fighting through the same problem.

By the way, I like your products VERY much.


The problem confirmed ( with current design, the rowspaned section can be accessed only by coordinates of its topmost cell , the row oriented commands will not affect it )
We will try to resolve situation in next version.