Date range in grid view

I am evaluating dhtmlxScheduler to display batch job exécutions. I am using the timeline & grid view.
I would like the grid view to show the current day events.
I cannot find an easy way to change the date-range used however. Even when I set the from/to parameters in the CreateGridView method, the range defaults to one month (e.g. 7 jan - 7 feb).
In my attempt, the grid view is used in combination with a timeline view.
Thanks !


A “paging” property has a higher priority to “From-to” dates, by default there is a period of one month if “paging” is enabled. Please find attached a modded version of the “grid” extension.
It allows to use “timeline” similar configuration by adding two parameters:

  • “unit” : a period of a “day”, “week”, “month”, “year” or “hour” ;
  • “step” : step in the “units”.
    So the configuration will be similar to this:

scheduler.createGridView({ fields:[ {id:"id"}, {id:"text"}, {id:"date"} ], unit: "week", step: 2, paging: true });
I think this version will be a part of the next update.
Thank for your participation! (4.18 KB)