Date rendering takes a lot of time


I am facing an issue with rendering of dates, issue is too much time. I am using ReactJS as my frontend framework. On my ComponentDidUpdate, I am asking gantt to clearAll() and render with proper data that I am passing through props.
this.props.beep = {
data : [‘start_date’:‘2020-01-01’,'end_date: ‘2020-01-10’]
componentDidUpdate() {

when the tasks are huge in number, the dhtmlxgantt takes a lot(around 10-15 min) to render 60 records approximately and sometimes the browser just hangs. Can someone please point out what I am doing worong or any solution to this sort of issue?

Thank you,

try enabling smart rendering extension and static_background config:

These two options can speed up the repaint quite a bit.

Please note that static_background is not available in the Free version. If you have the free version, you can disable cell display instead … onfig.html , or try leaving it is if it works fast enough.

Also, calling gantt.render(); after gantt.parse shouldn’t be necessary, gantt should repaint itself automatically.