Date sorting does not work in dhtmlXGrid 1.4 Pro - it skips

Date sorting does not work in dhtmlXGrid 1.4 Pro - it skips the last row in the grid.

If I sort by other columns, it works fine, but when sorting by date again, it once more ignores what ever row is last in the grid.

The problem occours in both IE7+FF2.

I’m pulling out a list of messages from the database, all in XML, like this:







Demo Account

Test message



I have tried many different date formats (dd/mm/yyyy,yyyy-mm-dd,dd-mm-yyyy,etc) with the same result

Any suggestions?

Date parsing routines use default javascript Date.parse

The following rules govern what the parse method can successfully

  • Short dates can use either a “/” or “-” date separator, but must follow the
    month/day/year format, for example “7/20/96”.
  • Long dates of the form "July 10 1995" can be given with the year, month, and day in any order, and the year in 2-digit or 4-digit form. If you use the 2-digit form, the year must be greater than or equal to 70.
  • Any text inside parentheses is treated as a comment. These parentheses may be nested.
  • Both commas and spaces are treated as delimiters. Multiple delimiters are permitted.
  • Month and day names must have two or more characters. Two character names that are not unique are resolved as the last match. For example, "Ju" is resolved as July, not June.
  • The stated day of the week is ignored if it is incorrect given the remainder of the supplied date. For example, "Tuesday November 9 1996" is accepted and parsed even though that date actually falls on a Friday. The resulting Date object contains "Friday November 9 1996".
  • JScript handles all standard time zones, as well as Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Hours, minutes, and seconds are separated by colons, although all need not be specified. "10:", "10:11", and "10:11:12" are all valid.
  • If the 24-hour clock is used, it is an error to specify "PM" for times later than 12 noon. For example, "23:15 PM" is an error.
  • A string containing an invalid date is an error. For example, a string containing two years or two months is an error.

If you want to sort date in different format you need to use custom sorting.