Date sorting


I am using a grid with cell type “calendar”

and i am using column sort by “date”

but this function is not working properly if i am giving cell value like 01-Apr-2009 .Instead it woks with 01-04-2009.

Is there any way out so that i can view the cell value as 01-Apr-2009 and sort based on date


“calendar” excell doesn’t support short month names. In this case setNumberFormat (PRO edition) allows only set the date divider and the order of day, month and year.

dd-Month-yyyy template is only supported by dhxCalendar excell:


The date, that loaded into grid, must be in JS-compatible format: 04/01/2009 instead of 01-Apr-2009.

Please, see the sample of dhxCalendar excell in the documentation: dhtmlxGrid/samples/cell_types/calendar_grid.html