Date Templates

Hi Stanislav,

How do I change the template for date? For example,

I can do it here:

f(scheduler.templates,{ day_date:d(c.default_date),
changed to:

f(scheduler.templates,{ day_date:d("MONDAY " +c.default_date),

How do I set it in my code? Is it something like:

scheduler.templates.day_scale_date = function(ev_date){ return dayOfWeek(ev_date.getDay()) + ' ' + ev_date; }

Yep, it is one of possible way, but it will be “scheduler.templates.day_date”.
The first parameter of template - date which need to be formatted.

Also, In case of day_date and similar templates, you can just reset related configuration ( need to be done before scheduler.init )

scheduler.config.default_date = “my custom date format”; … ngs_config

Templates are useful , if you want to apply some custom logic, in other case, configuration is more simple solution.