Datepicker issue in 6 rows months

I am using a datepicker in my webapp, and it have a problem:

The month view always have 5 rows, so in months which need 6 rows (like july-2012) it doesn’t shows the last days. Is this fixed anywhere?


We have reproduced the porblem. The fix for it will be included into the next version which we plan to release within a month. If you need the fix ASAP, let us know

Sorry to bump this thread, but I could do with this fix as well, I have several forms using the datepicker and it’s a bit of a deal breaker that it effectively doesn’t work at the moment.

Here is the latest dev version of the Touch library. The issue with Datapicker rows is solved here. (188 KB)

Great, datepicker now works, but this latest build appears not to have the private proxy methods for dealing with local storage, as discussed in this thread :-


Have these methods been removed / renamed ?

(I’m particularly referring to the “qa” and “Ab” methods of the dhx.proxy() object)