Datepicker & stringResult: true

Datepicker has a option to return the getValue() as a string if the setting: ‘stringResult’ is set to true.

When getValue() is called, it works correctly if the component has been rendered. But if the component is in a accordingitem that was not been displayed, the getValue routine throws a type error. One solution for this issue is to check if the value is a string or not before converting the value to a string. Here is one suggestion for changing the getValue routine starting at line 6577:

if(this._settings.stringResult&&typeof this._settings.value!=“string”){
return (this._settings.value?(this._settings.externalDateFormatStr||this._settings.dateFormatStr||dhx.i18n.dateFormatStr)(this._settings.value):"");
return this._settings.value||null;


Hi Kris,

we will add this fix in the next version. Thanks again for your useful suggestion.