Dates in Filter Select

Hi guys,

Problem !

i built a grid that wich data source is a mysql DB. I’ve a problem on date field. The db save date in the default forma yyyy-mm-dd, but in the code i define:

SetDateFormat ("%d/%m/%Y", “%Y-%m-%d”) to show dates in dd/mm/yyyy format. All seem run correctly. Date are shown correctly in the grid and they are stored correctly in DB but when i use a select filter in the grid and select a date, in the box of select the dates are shown in the yyyy-mm-dd and also the selected value is shown in this way inside the select.

Where is the problem ?

Many thanks as always

somebody just solved this problem ?

Sematik ! Help me please

Unfortunately this is the expected behavior, as filters work with the value of the cell, but not with it’s formatted title
We may only suggest you to use the onCollectValues event to customize the options displayed in your filter … lectvalues