dates overlapping in year view

Thanks for the nice component.
But I got some undesired problem.

When I first added the component, it looked fine. Then I added a custom field. Since then the dates in the ‘year’ view are overlapping.

I removed the custom field / reinstalled the component, but still the problem is there.

Thanks in advance,


I found where the problem is and solved it now.

I have read that any div container hosting the scheduler should have the line-height to 100%, which I made sure it is, but in my case the div had the margin set and that made the scheduler layout not displaying properly.

One more question, is it possible to customise the lightbox, I do not want to display the time-period.
I am able to hide the date/time selection block (via css), but the time-period heading is still there.

Thanks again for the nice component.


Hi, good job :wink: