datetime picker for end date recursive event

for recursive event datetime picker is not showing. do i need to make changes to enable datetime picker ?

i want to disable no end date feature in recursive event how do to the same ?

You need to edit html template ( at the end of dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js ) and remove ( or add display: none style ) to the options that you want to hide.

please read question again

Please express your question clearly to begin with.

If you’re going to respond in an unpleasant manner, someone’s going to respond to you the same way.

Also, please start figuring things out on your own. Some questions asked are legit (mostly DHX based like “there’s a bug” or “why this doesn’t work”); most are not (logic-based questions)… Most of your questions have been logic-based ones and, to me, it looks like you’re asking them to do your project for you.

I’m not with the DHX team, and not affiliated with them in any other way. I’m just a customer, but your response irked me for some reason.

i posted 2 questions here for 2nd one i got reply and not for 1st one thats why i asked to read question again

date_of_end.onclick = show_minical; this is the line i added in html file, but no datetimepicker is showing for rec end date