Day Light Saving Issue, Again


I am having an issue with the day light savings functionality in the Scheduler.

I am passing date and time of my events but the Scheduler shifts the time of all of the events by one hour later starting in November and removes the time shift in March.

I am not sure why the Scheduler would modify the time that is sent to it.

Here is a sample of the date and time that I am providing to the Scheduler:

ID text start_date end_date
18 TEST STUDY 2012-05-15 08:30:00.000 2012-05-15 12:30:00.000

Is there a way to turn off the day light savings funtionality or another solution to keep it from modifying my data on the fly.

See the attached image for an example of how the data is presented in March as the time shift is terminated.


Can you share link to your site?

If not:

  • Is it recurring event? What is its configuration?
  • What is your timezone?
  • Do you use config.server_utc or config.occurrence_timestamp_in_utc options?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Hello Ilya,

I am sorry, but the website is on a private network.

This problem occurs for all events during the daylight savings period. The example was to clearly demonstrate the issue.

The scheduler is configured as follows:

var sched = new DHXScheduler();
sched.Codebase = “Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler”;
//format calendar
sched.InitialDate = DateTime.Now;
sched.InitialView = “month”;
sched.Config.server_utc = false;
sched.Config.start_on_monday = false;
sched.Config.first_hour = 8;
sched.Config.last_hour = 18;
sched.Config.isReadonly = true;

We are in the Pacific (California) timezone.

I have only tested the config.server_utc optioin as shown. This had no effect.
I just tried the config.occurrence_timestamp_in_utc but the code does not compile, do you have and example?



do you have this issue with the latest version of the component?
sample is attached (630 KB)

Hello Aliaksandr,

Thank you for your support.

Your sample runs great under our dev environment.

I replaced our current version of the component version with the component included in your sample version and that fixed the issue.

I also updated the Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler folder for good measure.

Everything seems to be running fine.

Will we have any licensing issues running with the component from your sample?



Please contact sales(at) and check whether you’re intitled to receive v.2.0. If yes, they will send you the link to the latest official package.

Hello Aliaksandr,

I have a new issue that occurs with the new version of the component.

The calendar page throws a jscript error when loading the page.

See image attached,


Hello Aliaksandr,

False alarm, additional code review and testing revealed an error in our code base.

We have resolve the issue by setting the code base like this…

sched.Codebase = Url.Content("~/Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler");

Thanks for all your help,