Day of the week in title - Timeline


How can I do to display the name of the day in the week with the date title with the timeline view?

Thank you!


To change date in timeline scale you could set x_date timeline property.
See article: … eview.html

See also date format:

For example:

Hello and thank you Sten for your time…

I tried:

scheduler.createTimelineView({ name: "timeline", x_unit: "minute", x_date: "%l %H:%i", ...

But I think my answer wasn’t specific enough…
I was talking about this date:

Thank you for your help and for good work!


this label can be changed by redefining an appropriate template:

E.g. var toStr ="%l, %j %F "); scheduler.templates.timeline_date = function(date){ return toStr(date); };


and related docs: … plate.html

So simple, so perfect!

Thank you!!!