Day view with two column, one for each half day

Hi here,

After used the trial version in a prototype for a project, I’m thinking to buy a license to use it in the final version.
It’s for only one project, a little one, so the commercial license is enough for me.

Because I need to have a day view in two column (one for the morning, and the other for the afternoon), I’ve used two instance of scheduler, side by side, with just the hours of initial date as difference in the trial version.
If I want to do that, did I need to buy the Entreprise version for having the two instance in the same page ?

But the Entreprise version it’s too expansive for my project, so is there another way to display a day view with a column for each half day with a only instance of scheduler in the page ?

Here that I’m talking about, with two scheduler (one for 08:00 to 14:00, the other for 14:00 to 20:00 of the same day)

Thanks in advance for your reply.

commercial version of the scheduler does not provide functionality to create several instances of the scheduler.
As a workaround, you may try creating schedulers in the separate iframes (that would allow you to bypass the limitation to a single instance of the scheduler in the page scope). Although, i’m not sure that approach would technically work, i haven’t tried it before

Another possible approach would be creating a Units view with two columns, and processing dates of the event based on the related column. That would involve relatively lot of coding on the client-side, and you couldn’t have separate time scale for a afternoon column.
But it seems to be more realistic than handling several iframes.

Thanks for your replies !

No way for the iframes, and the time passed to create a new view and handling the events will cost us more that the Entreprise license. I’m seeing right now with my team to buy the Entreprise license.

By the way, I’m french and I’ve found a error in french translation (locale_fr) for the month in day view. For the Month August (“Aug” month_short), the scheduler provide “Aôu” for month_short instead of “Aoû” for “Août”. I fixed it in my project, but you should fix it in the next version :
The month_full (Août) is good, but the month_short should be “Aoû” and not “Aôu”.


thanks, we’ll fix the label