Daylight Saving Time

I’m implementing a new solution with Timeline view and I seve tasks on database. All it is working fine but when I get tasks from db, the tasks which start after 25 of march (the day which start Daylight Saving Time in Italy) all start and end date, are shifted by one hour. Is it possible disable dst? I would like that dates/time saved on DB are absolute and not relative to dst.

By default scheduler must save and load data without time conversion ( it may be enabled by using scheduler.config.server_utc = true; )

Can you provide some demo link or any other kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed?

In the attached file you can see some printscreen that describe the sutuation. Im using DHTMLX Scheduler .NET version. In my configuration I set: scheduler.config.server_utc = false
Please let me know if you need major details.
Walter (52.2 KB)

I’m exactly in the same situation of Walter. Each time I move an event from a daylight saving time day to a no daylight saving time one, I get a date with a difference of one hour.
But, what I need is that the hour should be independent from the daylight saving time.
Can anyone know how disable this feature from the timeline view?

Thanks so much, Gabriele.