Daylight Savings Issue

Hi Guys
I was wondering if anyone had this problem as well. When you create an event for a date and time after daylight savings period, even though your not in daylight savings yet the scheduler adds as hour to the event time in the calendar view. I have checked the events going into the scheduler and they have the correct time on them its only when displaying them on the calendar view the time is incorrect.

We are using the .net scheduler and its version 2.0.5

there are some known issues with DST, we are currently working on fixes.
You may try the attached version of client-side codebase, does the bug appears with it? …

HI the issue still appears with that new version of the script.

Which timezone is set in your system?


I updated the new Scheduler that you provided,but my issue still exist.My timezone is (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)