daypilot similar features

We need similar to this : data is same but plugin is unable to draw on the timeline. We just need these things then we 'll be able to purchase because this plugin almost have everything similar to it. plz check below.

and our just concerns are :

1-> I want to give colors to task/events (I have checked the samples , it seems that it can be possible)

2-> We want to show hover popup and info on it.

3-> last thing and most important thing for us that we want an efficient dragging on timeline is very much slower. (no issue even purchased the licence)

4-> Can we show the season and block the slots. (slots can be able to block , i saw in some demos)

5-> In the below snapshot, we are using daypilot pro plugin, this plugin shows a simple orange line on the exact current date. can we achieve it (even after purchasing the licence)?

thank you for providing support.


Existing ways to give colors to events are described here: … color.html

Please use tooltip

Please clarify, do you want the animation to be slower?

Yes, you can configure the scale in different ways and set required time step … onfig.html
As for blocking slots, please check the article

I don’t see the snapshot, possibly you mean the marker displaying the current time: … onfig.html
If no, please send the screenshot again.