Days on Y-Axis, Rooms on Y-Axis : it's possible?


I need a view with Days on Y-Axis, Rooms on Y-Axis.

I found this
It is almost what I need but on Y-Axis I do not need to show the times. Only the Room Name.

Is it possible?


Hi Yuri,
If I understood you correctly, you want to view rooms on the x-axis and days on y_axis. Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented in the timeline view.
To view days on the x-axis you can try theUnit view, but the hours will be displayed on the y_axis, not days.
Here is API:

Ok, thx for your answer.
You understood perfectly my question.
I wonder if is possible to achieve my target with a Custom View … Do you have any suggestion on this?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do what you want within the scheduler, even with the help of a custom view.

Ok, thanks. We hope in a future support for this feature :slight_smile:

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