DayView, how to catch scheduler._date change ?


I’m using the DayView, Do you have any javacript function to know when the scheduler._date change ?

Currently, I added these functions :
sched.BeforeInit.Add(“scheduler._click.dhx_cal_prev_button = myCustomFunction;”);
sched.BeforeInit.Add(“scheduler._click.dhx_cal_next_button = myCustomFunction;”);
sched.BeforeInit.Add(“scheduler._click.dhx_cal_today_button = myCustomFunction;”);

But When I use the mini calendar (header), I don’t know how to catch the selected value.

So, I’m Wondering if you have any available event to get any change on the scheduler_date ?

Thanks for your help.

try onBeforeViewChange client-side event of the scheduler … viewchange


It works like a charm !

Thanks a lot.