DblClick not triggering and event_header undefined


I want to create a new event on bl click but when i do this, the underlying event’t header appears to be undefined and I try to change this with the onDblClick but it wont trigger, any idea what might be going on?

Hi Javiera,
please, try to change the default name in the header via labels.new_event locale:

scheduler.locale.labels.new_event ="your header";

Here is a related snippet:


I tried this and didn’t solve the problem, is there anything else I could try?


did you redefine the event_header template in your app?

If so - can you please show the code?
The scheduler generates the HTML for the event header using event_headertemplate, so the undefined value must be returned from it. But the default template implementation returns start/end dates of the event, which are never undefined. So it looks like the issue is caused by a custom template function.
Probably it uses a value that is assigned from the lightbox and is not defined initially when the event is created. If you show the template code as it’s defined in your app, it will help to solve the issue.

If you’ve customized the event box, like shown in this article - https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/custom_events_display.html#technique - please show that code as well