Dealing with all day events and server_utc

I am trying to display some all day events on a calendar. In my database I am only storing the date of the event. To work around this I changed the SQL to looks like this:

CONCAT(date_due, ' 00:00:00') AS date_start, CONCAT(date_due, ' 23:59:59') AS date_due

That does make it an all day event however I am using

scheduler.config.server_utc = true;

On my calendar so it is trying to convert it to my timezone. What would be the best solution to fix this problem? I guess I could figure out what timezone they’re in and do a sql query based on that but I feel like there should be a different way.

Event with start_date - 00:00:00 and end_date - 23:59:59 is not one day event. For one day event end_date should be at next day. For example: 02.07.2015 00:00:00 - 03.07.2015 00:00:00.

You can use onEventLoading handler to set needed end_date on client side. … event.html
For example:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventLoading", function(ev){
            ev.end_date =,1,"day");
            return true;

Also on client side you could try to redefine scheduler.isOneDayEvent function to return true if event should be sown as regular event and false if event should be shown as multiday event. … event.html